Led Wall Washer

Led wall washer is used for facade lighting of commercial buildings, hotels and resorts, bridges and monuments.

  • Wall Washer can be used for Lighting the Buildings, Clubs, Hotels, Parks, Plazas, Commercial Building Facades, Art Galleries, Green Landscape
  • IP65/67 Waterproof Resistant.
  • RGB with DMX Controller.
  • Beam Angle: 7/12/22/42 Degree
  • 2 years warranty.
LZWW24W24W>0.956500 /3000/RGB>75<15
LZWW24W30W>0.956500 /3000/RGB>75<15
LZWW24W40W>0.956500 /3000/RGB>75<15
LZWW24W50W>0.956500 /3000/RGB>75<15
LZWW24W52W>0.956500 /3000/RGB>75<15



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